Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tips For Choosing Outdoor Camping Games

For many people, summer season means outdoor camping, especially for children. They do a lot of things when they arrive at the camping grounds and they also play outdoor camping games. However, you must be sick and tired of playing the same old camping games like tag and capture the flag. If you do a little research, you will realize that there are many games that are more interesting and fun than these traditional games. Here are some tips for choosing outdoor camping games.

* Choose a game that involves nature. After all, you are surrounded by nature at the camp grounds and it is only natural that you will have nature as an inspiration for your games. For example, you can group the campers into different groups with five members each. Ask them to create something unique and original using natural things that they can see around them. However, specify in your rule that they should not pull out, pick, kill, or injure any plants or animals. The team with the most original creation wins.

* Since camping is usually done in summer when the sun is hottest, you can also play some water games. You can have a water fight among teams. Each team should represent a color. Use food color to color the water. The members of each team should shoot the members of other teams and keep them as prisoners. The team who has the highest number of prisoners and least number of members who were captured by other teams wins.

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